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    About us We are current college and university students, former professors and working tutors, as well as freelance academic and business writers.

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    What we do By means of creating interesting guides and manuals for students, we aim to teach them build strong, interesting and unique academic papers.

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    Contact us We are in constant search for gifted writers and editors who are willing to contribute to our cause and help us grow. Send your applications via email.

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hire a writer

Hiring a writer

Once you have made up your mind to hire a professional to take care of your essay assignment for you, you are going to need to find one that delivers high quality work. Shopping around online for a legitimate essay writer can actually be a bit difficult because...

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writing service

Custom writing services

From the moment you visit the website you should get a sense of whether or not the site is legitimate. Keep an eye out for anything that...

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become a writer

Become an academic scribe

Students often ask me “what is the secret to becoming a masterful writer?”. Well, the truth about academic writing is that before you can be any good at it, you have to understand the basic formatting and structure that all...

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academic styles

Getting acquainted with writing styles

Proper academic essay formats exist for a reason. As frustrating as it may initially be to make sure that you follow the proper formatting structure it is taught for a reason. For years, scholars like your self have written academic compositions that have followed this style...

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  • how to write an essay

    In order to prepare high school students for their future careers in Colleges and Universities, school curriculum are become increasingly focused on essay writing and long-form written response.

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  • college admission essay

    In the past most high school testing was multiple choice or memorization, but now students are encouraged to think critically and learn how to organize their thoughts in organized compositions.

  • thesis writing help

    This has made it increasingly more important for students to learn how to write fantastic essays if they wish to get good grades. Knowing how to put together an ace paper, has become an essential skill that young students are expected to have before they graduate.

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