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How to write a research paper in 10 simple steps

A research paper is a type of academic writing. It can be up to 10-15 pages in length. College/University students are given a research paper assignment in order to conduct research on a certain topic. At times the topic is provided by the Institute and at other times the student has to choose on the own. The students are expected to take their stand on the topic after doing thorough research. They need to provide the evidence in support of their stand. This needs to be written in an organized form following the proper structure and correct grammar.

Ten Steps of Research

  1. Zero down on a topic that you wish to research on if you are not provided with a topic already. Do not select a topic randomly for the sake of it. Study at least 3-4 topics and then select the one you wish to research and take a stand on. Make sure the topic is interesting to read.

  2. Come up with a catchy title to attract the reader’s attention. Think of an original and unique title that gives an insight on your research.

  3. Do some more research and study on the topic selected. Write out all the points you come across in bullet list.

  4. Organize the points and eliminate the unnecessary ones.

  5. Elaborate each point. Study further to add important details.

  6. You can add good unique quotations or instances in support of your stand. They should act as evidences.

  7. Once the points are elaborated check for more detailing. Whether further study is required or more some more points need to be added to make your stand stronger and provide more information to make the paper sound well researched.

  8. Check the structure of your writing. The tone of the paper, the word limit, the punctuation marks, the details mentioned by your institute to be followed etc. make the necessary changes.

  9. Ask a senior to revise your paper. Correct all the errors.

  10. Revise for the final time on your own, eliminate unnecessary sentences and submit your paper.

Save Time

Do not write on a sheet of paper use a word document in your computer. It will help you detect and correct spellings, grammatical errors etc. and save you a lot of time.

Top educational resources

These websites will help you improve your writing skills.

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