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How To Make A Persuasive Argument For Your Essay

There are many types of essays that you can use when trying to explain, describe, or teach a particular topic to a reader. There are essays that are just descriptive, there are research essays, and then there are persuasive argument essays—essays that convince the reader to take whichever side the writer is for or against. Sounds pretty simple but many make the unfortunate mistake of not truly understanding how to stick to a particular side when arguing that a particular topic is great or not, sometimes giving information that’s actually detrimental to their own argument. Here are a few things to do on how to make a persuasive argument for your essay:

  • CHOOSE A Side Wisely – Some would say that it’s great to be impartial on certain topics but this isn’t the time to be impartial. Choose what said you’re strongly for or against on a certain topic and stick to it. Don’t go against the side you’ve chosen at all. Say only the pros or the cons, depending on the side you’re on, of what you’re argument is about.
  • PROVIDE Facts And Evidence – Your argument will have quite the leg to stand on if you provide cold hard facts and evidence about it. Referencing to reputable sources and providing material that benefits your argument will help you win over the reader more times than not. Readers will believe your argument more when you provide them with information that can’t be argued especially if it’s been documented already by sources they know and truly trust.
  • BELIEVE In What You’re Arguing – A common mistake made in almost all persuasive argument essays is language that helps the reader think that you don’t truly believe in what you’re actually arguing about or that you’re not providing true facts on what you’re arguing about. When you’re writing a persuasive essay, you have to write with a certain confidence that is displayed on paper. You must leave out little things that hurt your argument, such as “I believe,” or “I think,” you shouldn’t believe or think about what you’re arguing. You have to know what you’re arguing and stand firmly beside that so that the reader can feel strongly about taking your side.

These are just a few ways on how to make a great persuasive argument for your essay but the one thing to always remember is just be confident in whatever side you happen to be on.

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