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How To Create A Good Research Paper Proposal Abstract

Research has increasingly become an integral part of academia. In different fields of study ranging from education, medicine, engineering to biology, studies are contacted for different purposes. It could be to provide solutions to life’s problems, to fill a gap in existing knowledge or to come up with new findings on a given subject. All these are put down on what has become known as a research paper. To do a good paper, one must always have a good grasp of its contents or what it should entail. An abstract is one of such research paper essentials which a researcher must have a clear understanding of in order to produce reliable knowledge. It is always that important section of a study which gives a brief outline of what the study is all about. This means it should be written well. In this article, we take a look at some important guidelines which should help you come up with a good research paper proposal abstract.

Concision and clarity

It should be clear and concise from the start. This means, when writing an abstract, you must be direct in stating what the paper in all about. This is important and must always be taken into account. Do not write unnecessary things or give false information as this will ultimately disqualify your paper. It is also imperative not to mention information that is not part of the study in the abstract because at the end of the day, your paper would be treated as null and void.

State the outcome and significance of the study briefly

Because it is potentially a summary of what the paper contains in its entirety, it is always important to capture but briefly the outcome of your study and how it seeks to benefit people, organizations or governments. Every research has a purpose and when this captured in the abstract, one will definitely get the interest of reading further in order to find out more than what is that stated in this section of the study.

Referring briefly to methodology and not the title

It is always important that you refer to the data collection methods you have used in your study based on the fact that it is either quantitative or qualitative. However, never make the mistake of referring to or paraphrasing your title in this section of the study.

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