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A List of Fresh Ideas for Outstanding Term Paper Topics

As you sit in your class, the instructor pops a surprise on you. They want an essay paper due next week. As the students murmur in mix of disbelief with a bit of panic. You feel it too, and there is only one blessing; the instructor gave no topic that you needed to cover. The next question comes to mind. What do you want to write about? Will you have enough content to fill the paper? Just like an analytical paper, a thesis statement will help you frame your thoughts. However without a good subject, you are going to go nowhere fast. This paper will help you with ideas to stimulate your writing process.

Informative Papers:

By choosing a topic you are passionate about, there is the benefit of writing about something you know without having to worry about researching resources. These are most likely text that you have already read. Such topics include:

  • Various Diseases (symptoms, effects of, treatment)
  • Scientific Breakthroughs (cloning, stem cell research, 3D printing)
  • History (writing about wars, ancient cultures, specific locations)


This is a pretty fun topic. If you have someone you admire for their influence on society, someone you want to know more about, or situations involving a specific person, this is the paper for you. On the flip side, some of these figures are notorious. These topics include:

  • The Life of Mark Twain
  • Steve Jobs: One Man, Limitless Possibilities
  • Ted Bundy

Controversial Papers:

Controversial papers are often called debate papers. What you do is take a topic that is opinionated. Where everyone has their own mindset and their own belief systems about it. In addition to this, you need to either explain both sides of the argument, or take a side on the topic and prove your point. What is difficult about these papers is sticking with your point if you choose the latter. Topics include:

  • Abortion
  • Gay Rights
  • Animal Rights
  • Alcohol and Driving

Cause & Effect Papers:

Cause and Effect papers usually explore causes of a certain causes and the effects that the topic has on the future. These topics usually have a question involved with them and the author is going to further explore the issue. These complex topics include:

  • Bullying (effects on children or adults, causes)
  • Gun Control (exploring differences in different states or countries)
  • Generational Conflicts (various differences between generations and how to aid in communicate better with others)

As you can see, there is a plethora of different topics for you to explore and use.

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