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MBA Thesis Topics: An Academic Manual To Help You Impress The Reader

Graduate level work is expected to be original, unique and thought-provoking. Whereas undergraduate papers had to be well-researched and written, nobody really expected that you would break any new academic ground. If you are about to start work on an MBA, you will need to take time to formulate a fantastic thesis topic.

The expectations for originality and independent research will not be as high as those for a PhD dissertation. Nevertheless, the more impressive your topic, the better your thesis will be. We have a selected tourism and travel as an example of a topic that could make a top notch MBA thesis. Also included are some hints about how to keep your readers engaged as they examine the arguments you will be putting forth in your thesis.

Tourism And Travel

Everyone loves to discuss travel, tourism, and exotic destinations. Pick a place that you have visited, or would love to see someday. Do a detailed analysis of how the country, town or region has exploited the available opportunities for tourism in the area. How could they improve? What mistakes have they made, and what lessons have been learned?

Community-based tourism and eco-tourism are hot topics in the travel world today. What are the best strategies for small communities who want to bring tourists to their towns, but keep the money in the area to help with development and conservation initiatives? How should they market themselves and the attractions and activities that exist in the area?

Adventure and extreme tourism are also rapidly expanding. In some tropical seaside areas, former fishermen have put away their nets. They now work as guides on their boats showing tourists the beauty of the reefs that they once were destroying. How can these towns and countries best balance the needs for conservation, while still generating income for the people? Find a few case studies and see what management policies are working, and which ones are not.

Tips To Impress Your Audience

Make sure you get your reader's attention right from the get go. The first few lines of your thesis may be the most important ones that you will write. If you have not hooked them in with an excellent opening, chances are good that they will not get through more than a few paragraphs of your work.

Choose your words carefully. Sometimes less is more, and you should aim for a writing style that is engaging, but concise. Avoid run-on sentences, and paragraphs that drag on forever.

Your closing paragraph should leave your readers impressed with the depth of knowledge that you displayed. Leave them wanting more, and eagerly awaiting your next work!

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