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Use of Social Networking Sites: Connection or Isolation?

Social networking sites provide a creative way for people to communicate with each other. You can share photos, video and more with people you know such as family and friends. While it is a unique way to connect with others, there are risks experts continue to ponder including the possibility of isolation. Many people tend to forget that social networking was practically non-existent at one point in the past. So, if this is another way for people to communicate with others, can this really encourage someone to isolate themselves from others?

Social networking has helped people strengthen relationships in different ways. Businesses use the concept to stay connected with their market while expanding it. Individuals are able to stay connected with family and friends and reconnect with old friends from the past. Social networking has helped people find jobs, launch business ventures and make a difference in their local communities helping others. These aspects alone seem as if social networking is making strides in helping others make promising connections. So why are experts worried this concept may encourage isolation if you are able to reach out to anyone at any time?

Social networking sites may have made things a little too easy for people. In many cases you do not have to leave your computer when you want to meet new people or watch something you would normally watch on television. You can make new connections from one place without the need to leave your home. This aspect may leave some feeling as if they do not need to leave their home. Others may have issues with self-confidence and think it will be better to meet others through the use of social networking. Then you have the aspect of wanting to fit in; you may feel you will not fit in as much in person and use social networking as a wall to hid behind.

Social networking has made it easy for people to be someone they are not. You can make others believe you have a certain persona that others may never know if you don’t meet in person. Social networking may discourage some from engaging in face-to-face conversation. But, despite such claims the concept remains popular. Some people may actually like the idea of being isolated if it helps them feel better about who they really are.

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