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List Of Outstanding Research Paper Example Titles

Are you looking for titles for your upcoming research paper? Then, you ought to consider quite a few possibilities in order to start creating an outstanding academic document. In this article, we suggest some strong headings for your research paper.

Environment and Pollution

  1. How to deal with pollution nowadays and the future expectations in this field.

  2. Is global warming a real threat worldwide? Undeniable evidence that points out that something is going on.

  3. How to deal with air and water contamination without damaging the fauna.

  4. The importance of preserving the biodiversity in the rainforest.

  5. How to deal with the massive cut of trees in the main rainforest regions in the globe.

  6. What are the most likely expectations for pollution in the following decades?

  7. Is there a real threat of a massive extinction process in the next century?

  8. At the current population growth rate, how are people going to produce the necessary food in a century from now?

  9. How have the breathing illnesses' figures evolved in the past 50 years due to the increase of air pollution?

  10. What are the possible consequences of the current use of fossil combustible in the future?

  11. Electronics

  12. Are the Smart-phones large enough yet? What are the future expectations for these devices?

  13. The Internet in a few years from now: the Internet of Things and the possible consequence of this exponentially growing connectivity.

  14. The power of computers nowadays and how PCs will evolve in the next decade.

  15. Is having more calculation power necessary in computers at this moment?

  16. Making smaller and more powerful processors: where is the possible limit?

  17. The (r)evolution of touch screens: how much have they changed our interaction with technology in the past decade?

  18. What is the vehicle of the future like regarding performance and capabilities?

  19. Is autonomous driving a possible service within a few years time in the largest cities?

  20. How much would an autonomous driving service help reduce air pollution in the main urban zones?

  21. What are doing in order to reduce the necessity of wires all over the world in the Internet service?

  22. Books and Reviews

  23. How much have e-books changed the reading experience in the past few years?

  24. Is Kindle a worthy device for the exigent readers?

  25. Paper books and e-books: pros and cons.

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