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How To Write A Good High School Essay

Even if you are not the “best writer in the world” per say, it is still possible for you to learn how to successfully prepare a high school paper. Because high school compositions are typically graded on structuring and formatting above content, anyone can learn how to write a High School essay without much additional work. Basically, by memorizing the formatting and learning how to compose a decent argument based on your research you can get a top grade on all of your papers without even trying too hard. All you need to do is master the most important components of a High School level essay which are; grammar and punctuation, essay structure, and proper argument.

  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • No matter what your essay topic is it must be properly prepared using basic grammar and punctuation. Right off the bat your instructors will dock marks for not using basic english skills, so make sure that you edit your work carefully.

  • Essay Structure
  • This is something that you will learn over and over from elementary onwards with slight modifications depending on the level that you are writing at. Always work from an outline and lay your essay out before you begin writing. This will make it much easier to follow the proper essay structure and double check that you haven’t meant any main points. Just to review the outline of a simple 5 paragraph essay should look like this: Introduction with thesis statement, 3 body paragraph with at least 3 pieces of evidence that support the thesis, and a conclusion that reflects on the original introduction remarks. Follow this format and you will never fail.

  • Defense of An Argument
  • Last but not least, the final grading criteria for any high school essay is a rating of the student’s ability to solidly defend an argument. No matter what position you take in your thesis you must support it using 3 or more strong pieces of evidence or examples which have been taken from research. An important thing to remember about writing is that it is objective and your instructors probably will not be grading you on the depth of your argument. Instead, they will be look for comprehensive and thoughtful responses to the essay question that are well supported using strong examples that have been properly cited.

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