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Technology In Action

As our world and its technology is ever evolving, it may be hard to keep up with all the changes. We have made leaps and bounds in all fields of study in the last decade. Medical dilemmas that were once insurmountable are now being handled with ease. The world has also seen tremendous changes in how we live day-to-day. Computers and the internet have taken everyday chores, that would have normally taken hours to achieve, and turned them into the virtual reality that is always there at the touch of a key. However, all this "discovery" may have some people left behind, that's where Technology in Action comes into play.

When this textbook was first published, the world was just entering the age of making computers useful in businesses, hospitals and other areas. It was difficult to know the in's and out's and how it would all affect us in the long run, so this book was designed to teach college students what they would need to know in the ever-changing world. But it wasn't long before it became outdated. In fact, there are currently eleven additions of Technology in Action.

New concepts and principles are being added to this text with each discovery and is doing its best to keep students informed. In addition, the updated versions of this textbook also incorporates the use of its own "technology in action" and is now used in conjunction with the web.

Technology in Action was put together by three professors after extensive research and work into the field of technology and is being toted as the book that 'uses technology to teach technology.' Although, oddly enough, this textbook is not being offered in any digital format.

With the age of the internet and all sources and information being put on our digital screens, it may lead some to wonder if such a textbook is really needed. It is required reading in certain college courses, but with the youth today having been exposed to computers and the internet from childhood, it may be just redundant knowledge. However, Technology in Action may still find its use in the older generation - the people who are embarking on a second career or just want to know more about computers and how it all works.

Regardless of whether it is required or inspired reading, Technology in Action has surely not seen its last update. As the world continues to embark on new discoveries and technology, a book like this will surely be a helpful tool to those who truly need it.

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