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Tutorial on How to Use an APA Format for a Term Paper

If you are assigned with writing a term paper in APA (American Psychological Association) format, and have no prior experience of working with this style, you shouldn’t panic. There are plenty of guides and tutorials that explain everything a student needs to know about APA papers. You can easily find them online.

Here is one of those tutorials that feature general APA format guidelines:

  • The paper should consist of a title page, abstract, introduction, body (includes method, results, and discussion), conclusion, and references. Each section should start with a new page. Please note that use of figures and tables is optional, but if you include them, they should be placed on separate pages.
  • The paper must be written in past tense, as it explains the situation that has already happened.
  • The abstract should be about 120 words long. It must include topic, short overview of the methods used in the research, as well as summary of results and discussion.
  • An introduction should start from a broad subject and narrow down gradually. The end of it must be focused directly on the topic of the paper. Writing it may be very difficult, as it should include a detailed summary of the essay. This is why it’s usually better to start working on the introduction after you complete the actual paper.
  • Try to catch the readers’ attention by your introduction. Depending on the topic, you can do this by adding an anecdote or providing some surprising controversial fact. In some cases, offering a bit of shocking statistical data will be enough to motivate people to continue reading your paper.
  • Always state the purpose of your research in the end of the introductory paragraph. The audience must know what exactly the paper is about and why it is important.
  • Write the paper in a clear and formal language that will be easy to understand. Please remember that not every person reading your work will be knowledgeable in the subject. Your main task is to write a paper that every person will be able to understand.
  • The method section of your paper must be very precise. The readers should be able to use it as a guide to duplicate your research and confirm the results.
  • Your conclusion must not only restate the thesis, but also explain how the research will affect the field as a whole. You need to prove its significance to the readers and finish your paper on a strong note to make it more impressive.
  • Be sure not to introduce any new topics in the conclusion.

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