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How to Write an APA Style Paper: Use Free Examples

If you are unsure of how to write an APA paper there are free examples that you can find online. Consider the example below:


Divorce and Stress



Divorce and Stress

Content area 1:

This stress case is divorce. After being together for a number of years, my spouse and I opted for a divorce because communication began to slip and things were not what they once were. To avoid additional fights, we realized that we were unhappy more times than we were happy. What is happening now is the divorce. Paperwork is being signed, personal items are being distributed to the respective parties, and finances are being evaluated including debt, mortgages, and cars.

The process began with evaluating the items in our home for worth, alongside listing any debt. We then had to determine who wanted what. Anything which we both wanted went to mediation. Initially I was in distress, unable to cope with the acute stress of the announcement of the divorce. As the paperwork and legal process began, alongside the social stigmas, I battled with chronic stress (Schlotz, 2011, p. 83).

This stress began once I began to see no way out of my current situation, once the divorce became “real”. While I noticed the acute stress, I began not to notice the chronic stress as it slowly became a part of my daily routine (American, 2010, p. 17). When I was first presented with the idea of divorce, my body began to tense, building up resistance to the stressors. As my body continued with the stressors, I became exhausted. I would get the tense “fight or flight” feeling, my heart raced, my veins constricted, my pupils dilated, endorphins were released and I began to feel my heart race and sweat started (American, 2010, p. 17).

As the initial levels of chronic stress continued, I began to become depressed and anxious due to the daily stressors of having to face the reality of the divorce, evaluate my living options, what things were mine, what things were my spouses, where I would work, if I could change careers, what I would tell friends, taxes, changing my name, etc… I was often tired because my body focused so much on the stressors (The Different, n.d.).

The emotional symptoms associated with my chronic stress included behavioral effects and effects on my mood. I was anxious, restless, felt an overwhelming lack of focus and motivation. I was sad, depressed, and often quick to become angry (American, 2010, p. 15). In terms of my behavior, I was not eating, I was prone to angry outbursts at the wrong people, I drank a lot, and I withdrew from my friends and family attempting to avoid any talk or questions about the situation. I also endured physical symptoms of my stress including chronic headaches, fatigue, chest pain, insomnia, a lack of sex drive, and an upset stomach whenever I tried to eat.

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