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How to write research papers like a professional writer 

When you are writing a research paper there can be a lot of stress on your shoulders to do it correctly. What is the purpose of a research paper? As an academic in any field you will be tasked with writing research papers and reviewing the research contributions of others in your field regularly. This is why most teachers assign the research paper to students. They want to give you practice at the style and the format.

So your job is to prove that you can do adequate research on your topic and present a logical argument as you do it.

So how can you collect proper research? This is actually the hardest part of the research paper especially if it is one of the first you have done. Your job is to adequately find sources that have contributed to your field and relate to your topic. This can be a long process so give yourself some time to do it properly.

  1. Conduct interviews. Interview people in the field that you are studying in order to get very specific information. Often, the hands on type of information that you can get from people who are actually in the field is going to be a lot better than some of the information you can get from other resources such as the Internet or books. Contact the person you are interested in, ask if they are okay with being interviewed, set it up, and do the interview. Bring a tape recorder to make sure you can quote verbatim. Make sure you have their full name, contact information, and job title.

  2. Use the Internet to get additional information. Check government and education websites. Use Google Scholar. Check sites with .edu or .gov extensions. You are going to want to avoid blogs, for the most part, as the information that is contained within them is not always factual. Wikipedia can be a good resource for broad topic overviews, but it is usually frowned upon as a primary source in academic circles.

Use as much current information as possible. Check the dates on your research. Something from ten years ago is not going to be as useful as something that was just published yesterday. Things change quickly in the academic world and it is very important to be as up to date as possible with your information.

Top educational resources

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