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How to Bring Passion to Your Academic Writing

It’s not uncommon for students to start to feel burnt out by their academic writing assignments. This is more troubling than you might initially think, because writing comprises such a large part of nearly everyone’s educational training. Fatigue when it comes to writing has led to students’ grades dropping or even their tendency to fail out or drop out of school. Rather than simply giving in, however, there are some things to do to ignite (or reignite) your passion for the written word.

Learn to Choose Topics that Interest You

This seems obvious, but many students only carefully consider their topics when writing for a class that interests them. This leads to burnout when they’re taking a class in a topic that’s less intriguing to them. It takes practice, but you can find topics that pique your interest even in classes that aren’t your favorites. Learn to delve deeply into subject matter to find a detail or subtopic that you find interesting, and you’ll find you have more enthusiasm in your writing.

Get creative.

Choosing a topic that’s been done a thousand times is often appealing to students because it offers the path of least resistance. It’s easy to research and you can essentially regurgitate others’ ideas. However, it also becomes boring, and that leads to disinterested writing, turning it into a chore rather than an opportunity for self expression. If you choose less common topics that are more creative, you’ll have to do a bit more legwork in the research, but you’ll find that you’re more energized when it comes to creating new ideas.

Form a discussion group.

Remember that writing is about an exchange of ideas! It should be an exciting chance to share your ideas with an audience. This feeling often gets lost in university, where you start to feel like you’re writing just to fulfill a quota for the professor. By forming a research/writing discussion group with classmates, you can share your thoughts on your topics and writing with one another, which can lead to having fresh ideas, writing better, and most importantly, refreshing you passion for writing. When you can have an exciting debate about your topic, it can remind you that writing serves a purpose other than just getting a good score from your professor.

Be proactive in keeping your enthusiasm for writing alive, and you’ll find you have no shortage of passion for it!

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