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Corporate Social Responsibility – McDonald’s Restaurants Malaysia

McDonald’s Restaurants is the largest franchising quick service eatery in the world. It has been operational from the 1950’s. Since the opening of the first branches in the US, half a century ago, the company has expanded to over 100 nations across the globe with over 34,000 restaurants spread over those countries. The company operates 250 restaurants across Malaysia which serve more than 13 million people each month. For this to transpire, the company has 12,000 Malaysian employees who are all trained, and offered opportunities to develop themselves professionally. Restaurants are people businesses and have to ensure both customers and employees are satisfied to enjoy success. McDonald’s Malaysia is no exception to this rule. If focuses on ensuring that its stockholders, customers, suppliers, as well as the public benefits in a way; from its business operations. It holds corporate social responsibility close to its heart and is involved in various activities as far as that is concerned through the RMHC (Ronald McDonald House Charities Malaysia).

The company is very supportive of human rights. In this regard, it ensures that through RMHC, it offers opportunities to the people of Malaysia through creation, foundation, and support of programs which ensure the lives of Malaysian children; as well as employees are better in terms of education, health, and welfare. The management and administration costs of the RMHC Malaysia are covered by McDonald’s Malaysia; hence, all the funds it receives in form of donations are fully directed to assisting the needy children get medical care, education, and covers their welfare too.

Other than supporting education and welfare initiatives for children, the company is always keen to offer employment opportunities to Malaysians and trains them as pointed out above. All those employed are given opportunities that are none restrictive and non-discriminatory. Apart from that, there are no child laborers or forced employment. In ensuring equal opportunities to women, the company offers over 50% opportunities to women in its managerial positions. To guarantee that its amenities are up to standard, the employees are well trained on hygiene and fundamental food safety.

Other than the above initiatives, McDonald’s Malaysia is also concerned about the environment in which it operates. This is to say that loads of effort is put into minimizing waste production into the environment with great emphasis put into conservation of energy. In this regard, all the McDonald’s restaurants in Malaysia have power system stabilizers. Apart from that, it is involved in recycling processes with its suppliers. This helps in environmental and resource conservation.

The Ronald McDonald House was founded in 1990. It was initially known as the RMCC (which stands for Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities Fund of Malaysia). The organization has a website, on which it outlines its activities and initiatives. The key zones of concentration are education, health, as well as, welfare all mentioned above.

Opinion on the Sincerity, Merit, and Intentions of these Initiatives

It is vital to get tangled in initiatives that improve the lives of children in terms of health and education. As such, the company is genuine in its support for the pursuit of human rights for the people of Malaysia, and not just its employees whom it trains and supports in professional development.

Factors that influence the Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are influenced by factors such as political goodwill from the host nation government and leadership hierarchy; the funds or donations from partners who share in the belief of the great benefit such programs will have on the communities, as well as, the involvement of its employees in the initiatives; and the knowledge and understanding of the culture of the people in the host nation.

The company employs thousands of Malaysians, and therefore, has no problem with understanding the culture of the people. it also understands the needs of the people and knows the aspects of life that it needs to engage itself in such as education for children, and healthcare support.

Political factors could be a problem if the government does not see value in the initiatives but the company’s leadership has handled this so well that its efforts are always welcome.


The stakeholders include the local population, the leadership, the government, as well as other organizations which include its suppliers, environmental conservation bodies, healthcare provision bodies and many more.

CSR Strategy

The company believes in support for education and healthcare which then translates into a trained and healthy workforce and customer base. These combined ensure a successful business since both customers and workers are satisfied. As a leader in the organization, I would continue supporting these initiatives because they are effective and helpful to both the business and the customers.


An organization of McDonalds Malaysia’s stature has to engage in CSR owing to the scope of its involvement in people’s live. Its business relies greatly on people; and therefore, it is important that those people feel appreciated not only through the services they get from the company but through other important aspects of life such as education and healthcare initiatives offered by the company. The company should continue supporting such initiatives and become more involved in them for better results.

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