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Don't Use English Research Paper Topics Lists Available Online

When you are writing an English research paper, you may find a great many topics and topic lists posted online. But you shouldn’t use English research paper topics lists available online.

Why not?

Because the best research paper topic is one that you think of yourself. You want to write about something for which you have passion or a great interest.

So instead of turning to a generic paper list, consider the unique ideas below. These are meant as a guide. They are meant as a starting point from which you will brain storm and free write in your own time until you find something that is appealing to you. Take a break and go for a walk if inspiration does not come. Remember that the best topics will not come immediately, and while it might take a few days to think of the perfect research paper topic, it will be well worth it.

There are many topics available for your essay, and one broad topic is American living and social issues:

  • You can write a paper about the high costs of a funeral and what can be done to reduce those costs. Conversely, you might also address why so many people are socially pressured to plan a funeral as opposed to a less fiscally straining option
  • You can address whether the lottery is ethical due to the exploitation of the poor, or how it is a benefit to the poor. Should poor lottery winners be mandated to take financial planning courses so that they do not end up broke after a few years of winning? Should their names remain private so that friends and family do not pressure them for financial assistance?
  • You can write a paper that addresses the benefits of having universal health care or answers the question: What can be done to reduce health care costs in America?
  • You can write about whether the middle class in America is disappearing
  • You can address the social issue of censorship in the media and internet control
  • You can write about whether convicted criminals should or should not be given social welfare assistance
  • You can write a paper that explains whether poverty breeds crime and if so, what measures can be done to stop it
  • You can also write about which situations make hunting beneficial. Is hunting ever necessary?
  • You can write a paper that addresses whether HIV testing and/or drug testing should be mandatory for job applicants or students in school

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