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Increasing productivity while writing a graduate dissertation

As anyone who has had to write a graduate dissertation will know, time is of the essence. You simply cannot afford to waste time. One of the best ways to increase your productivity and thus write a really successful graduate dissertation is to follow a series of simple rules.

  • choose a good place to work
  • turn off instant messaging
  • have only one e-mail address
  • dump your television
  • use a laptop computer
  • find ways to avoid wasting time
  • make use of the specialists
  • choose ways of least resistance

Many dissertation writers think that working from home is a good idea. It may save in transport time and money but also it is not necessarily conducive to a good and productive working environment. A quiet place in the library may be better.

Your phone can be a great asset and it can also be a great source of wasting time. Learn how to use your phone in a productive way and do not let it rule your life. If you are working productively to be constantly interrupted by messages or phone calls is never a good thing.

Some people have a number of email addresses and therefore greatly increase the chances of receiving e-mails from a variety of people at a variety of times. Stick to one e-mail address.

As hard as it may seem television, for all its good points, can be a huge distraction. If it's not there it won't interrupt your workflow. If you want to be even more productive than you are now, at least during the writing of your dissertation, get rid of your telly.

A lap top computer gives you portability. You're not tied to a desk. If it requires you to move to a different environment, it's very easy to have laptop will travel.

You need to be proactive about your behaviour. If you stop and think about the times and places where you waste time, find ways to avoid such times and places. If it means not going for coffee at a certain time and running the risk of having a chat with friends, remove the social intercourse from your calendar.

There are people who are experts in certain aspects of the topic of your dissertation. Take advantage of their expertise you make yourself become more productive.

During the time you're writing your dissertation, find ways to make your life as easy and as simple as possible. In other words choose ways of living and doing things which are of the least resistance. This in itself will make you more productive.

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