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 How to write a good dissertation without any effort

When it comes to writing the dissertation paper, there are many ways to go about it some students have a harder time of it than others. However, there are a few typical phases you can expect to go through during the process:


This is the beginning stage where it can seem like all you ever do is sit and write or read or do research on your topic. Your life seems to die and every waking moment that you can spare is eaten up by working on the dissertation.


Many students will be tempted to procrastinate and most students will give into that temptation for at least part of their time in the thesis program. Some may only procrastinate for a week others may get lost in the laziness for months. This is normal and it can be good to take a break from the work and drudgery now and then, but you need to make sure it does not eat up all of your time, or you will have an even worse time at the next stage.


Once you realize how much time has been spend procrastinating, the panic will usually set in. This can be a few months or week from a deadline but the panic will set in at some point and time. Panic is normal and you will feel the icy gold grasp of panic at least once. The important thing to remember is to not let it paralyze you- shake yourself off, put your nose to the grindstone and get back to work!


This can be the most detrimental phase of the dissertation process because this is what can kill your energy, creativity, and motivation. You may feel like a failure, have guilt over the time you wasted, or feel like you have missed the mark with your paper and will never be ready. You may experience this and it is normal but do not let it go past a few days or it can derail all of the work you have done up to this point.


You will end where you started, feeling like slave to the paper and have the sensation of chains keeping you at the computer in an attempt to finish the dissertation. You can finish the paper and have a successful review by the dissertation committee. The sacrifices you have made and will make in this final stage will be well worth it in order to know you did your best and have completed a strong a well researched and written paper.

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