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Writing A Strong Research Paper On Technology: Useful Strategies

Technology is perhaps the most written about subject area in the world today. The reason for this is the omnipresence of the internet which lends itself to the medium on which it itself is based: technology. There is a proliferation of blogs, YouTube videos, newspaper articles, books and even films, news and television programs about technology. Gathering information for a research paper on technology is, therefore, not that big a problem. However, writing a research paper itself is an art and special attention needs to be paid to the process of writing itself. Below, we list some strategies that will help you write an outstanding paper.

  1. Be thorough with your research
  2. As discussed above, information on this subject area is plentiful and it is easy to get lost in looking for answers. Cut through all the white noise. Be clear about what your topic is. You may have been assigned a topic or you may have chosen one yourself. Whatever the case may be, be clear about what it is. With that information in hand, start researching it. Be precise in what you look for and discard all the useless information that you will inevitably come across. However, make sure you look up relevant information as thoroughly as possible in order to cover your topic and the questions you or your audience may have about it in as much detail as is humanly possible. Review papers, books, articles, film and video and leave nothing to chance. Remember to make copious notes.

  3. Be clear on your objectives
  4. When you start writing, be very clear on what your objectives for the paper are. Are you trying to prove a new theory? Is your paper a literature review? What is your experimentation supposed to look like and what are the outcomes you expect? Who are your participants and what are the modes of experimentation and data collection? If in doubt, write down your objectives on a piece of paper. With your mind clear about what you want to do, you will find that the actual writing process will become very straight forward as you will be going in one direction and not changing course every single day.

  5. Get Help
  6. Do not write the whole paper and then show it to someone. Use your supervisor, teachers, classmates, friends and family as resources that can critique your work. Show someone your work as you go along. Having someone read it will ensure you get feedback which will help you improve your work.

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