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A Manual For Creating A Research Paper Title Page

When looking at your work, a title page is the first thing your readers will see. It’s important for your title page to look good. It won’t impress your readers if they notice mistakes on the first page of your research paper. It’s always better to make a good first impression. Usually, different colleges and universities state their own requirements for title pages. However, some things are common for every educational institution. Read the following tips to learn how to create a title page for a research paper.

  1. Write the title.
  2. The title is the main part of your title page, obviously. It should be put halfway down the title page and be centre-aligned. Write the title fully and don’t use any abbreviations. Start all the words with capital letters. Make the font size of your title larger than the base font. To learn what font size you should use, consult your teacher.

  3. Write the personal details.
  4. Your name, your university or college and the date of submission should be written at the bottom of the title page. Everything should be centre-aligned. Write your name in a slightly larger font size than the base font size. Sometimes it’s required to include the level of your research paper, a term paper, for example, and the name of your teacher or instructor. You should consult your teacher or instructor to clarify these requirements.

  5. Write the running head.
  6. The running head looks like a shortened version of the title. Usually, you should write it in no more than 50 characters. This information may be checked with your teacher or instructor. You will use a running head throughout your whole paper at the top of a page. It should be written in the upper left corner. Use the base font size to write a running head. However, you should write all the words in capital letters.

  7. Add the page number.
  8. Add the page number with a help of the header function. You should find this function in any word processing program. Using the header function, you’ll put the page number on all the pages of your paper. Place the page number in the upper corner to the right. Make from five to seven spaces between the number of a page and the running head.

Following these tips, your title page should meet the requirements of your university or college, unless your school has some special instructions.

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