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Revising and redrafting an academic essay effectively

There are a few things you can do to ensure your essay looks its best. This includes rewriting and revising your content. These aspects of writing are important but many students overlook them. Doing them helps ensure your audience will follow your content with ease. Your ideas get organized and structured to the best of your ability. Best of all, there are a few actions related that are easy for you to complete, if when you have limited time to revise and rewrite on your own.

Take Time to Read over Your Work and Note Areas You Need to Change

Being effective in revising and redrafting includes taking time to read over your work and noting possible changes. When you know what you want your audience to know you need to be clear on getting the message out. This means you need to read over what you have written and make changes to how your content is structure. If you are describing events be sure they are in logic order and provide thorough details related to your main idea including supporting evidence.

View Your Work from the Perspective of a Reader or Your Instructor

When you have written your work and you go back to review what you wrote, you need to think about how it will be viewed from another viewpoint. This helps give more ideas on how to improve your work. Your instructor may look for certain pieces of information that shows you answered questions such as who, what, when, where, and how. When someone goes to read your content they will be curious as to what it is about. Consider the beginning portion of your essay; does it grab the reader’s attention? Do you provide supporting information that would answer questions a reader may have?

Work with a Professional Editor or Proofreader

When you are not sure how to improve the quality of your content or you lack the time to do so, you can work with a professional. There are aspects such as spelling, grammar, and word usage that can make a different. Others may need help organizing and structuring their ideas into cohesive sentences and paragraphs. If you decide to revise and rewrite on your own you will need a good amount of time to ensure it is done properly.

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