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What Is the Key to Selecting Good Business Dissertation Topics?

Writing a business dissertation is the next step in your career. This means your topic has to contain enough evidence to support your point of view. Picking the topic of a dissertation is a task that should not be taken lightly. Most students find this is actually the hardest part of writing their dissertation.


What to Consider When Choosing a Business Dissertation Topic

Take into consideration that the topic has to be business related. Consider what affects business has on consumers or how consumers affect business. On another note, consider what effects have on business and consumers too. This narrows down some of the possibilities and excludes standard shopping as a topic. Here is a list of things to consider when choosing a dissertation topic.

  • Economy
    • Affects and effects on business
    • Affects and effects on consumers
  • Accounting
  • How seasonal jobs affect business
    • How to keep them going during the “off season”
  • International Business
  • Ethics

All of these can be considered when choosing the best topic for your dissertation. It is definitely important to choose a versatile topic that will provide an adequate amount of information. Also include why the topic chosen and what your point of view on the topic is.


Why we Chose Our Topic

Maybe you chose an ethics concern for your topic but did not find enough information supporting how you see this concern. Before you start writing your dissertation make sure your claim can be proved. Maybe a different ethical issue would better suit your needs if you feel ethics is where you are strong within business.


Checking the news can be useful when choosing a topic, especially one involving international and national business. Though the dissertation cannot be based on a single broadcast and more research will be needed to prove your point of view. Doing some research on a popular issue and stating your ideas through your dissertation could give you a great business topic to discuss.


Knowing your topic well, research, and determination will provide you with a great dissertation. Always ensure you know your topic well. Remember, the key to a great business dissertation topic is being able to provide enough evidence to prove your point of view. Explain why the topic was chosen, what your point of view is, and what evidence you have found to back up your ideas.

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