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Guidelines on Choosing 4th Grade Essay Topics Correctly

This article is written to describe the different standards set for 4th grade kids when they are writing essays. All essay topics should be picked taking these standards into consideration. That is the fail-safe way of picking the right essay topics for 4th grade.


Writing strategy standards for 4th grade children are set to identify them as independent writers. The strategies used are as follows:

  • Prewriting: students are expected to use brainstorms and notes to organize their thoughts before writing
  • Drafting: this is the stage where students write their essay in full and go through it themselves once before getting a peer to go through it for them
  • Revising: after they receive feedback (or even after they read it themselves the first time), the students are expected to edit the essay, adding and removing what they think is necessary
  • Publishing: students are then expected to write out a final draft that would be suitable as a publication as well. The teacher then grades this work and gives the students feedback on what can be improved upon


4th grade students are expected to have the ability to write different types of essays that serve different purposes. Generally, essays are expected to inform, persuade, or entertain. The teacher uses the following objective guidelines to set essays:

  • Narrative: students are expected to write out pieces of information that they can retell or recall and some point in their lives. This way, they are telling a story and are expected to tell it well enough to be understood by the teacher and their peers
  • Informational: students here are expected to describe and inform others about a particular tool through their writing
  • Persuasive: these essays have two sides to them and students are expected to pick a side and defend it as well as give both sides of the argument before making a conclusion
  • Personal Communications: students are expected to write short letters and thank-you notes that have a clear intended target and purpose. These letters should have the proper structure that is required of a letter
  • Creative: students are expected to be able to write from imagination and describe whatever they are writing about satisfactorily
  • Response to Literature: here, students are expected to give their opinion on a certain piece of written work, be it published or written by a peer

Once the students know what is expected of them, they can easily pick out certain topics from the back of their head and go along with writing it.

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