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6 Signs of A Legitimate Custom Writing Service

  1. A legitimate custom writing service will have a authentic looking website with testimonials and recently updated content.
  2. Ever heard the expression that first impressions are everything, this is absolutely true when looking for a legitimate writing service. From the moment you visit the website you should get a sense of whether or not the site is legitimate. Keep an eye out for anything that looks fishy. Also remember that sometimes when things are too good to be true they probably are.

  3. The prices are realistic for custom writing services.
  4. Obviously when it comes to hiring an online writer you get what you pay for. If the website is advertising outrageously low discounts on written content chances are the papers that they are selling are not unique.

  5. There are recent reviews and testimonials
  6. This is an incredibly important thing to look out for when identifying a legitimate writing service. Usually when customers are satisfied they will compose a positive review for the writing service. If you do not see any recent testimonials, then I would not take the chance.

  7. The website allows the customer to communicate directly with the writer
  8. If you can find a writing service that allows you to communicate with the writer directly via instant messenger or email then you have likely found a legitimate one. Most fake services will not allow their customers to talk to the person writing the paper because their isn’t one!

  9. True online paper services will not expect you to pay until the work is complete and you have approved it!
  10. This is something that first time subscribers need to look out for. A true online writing service will not expect any payment until the client has reviewed the composition and are 100% satisfied with it’s content. Fake services may insist that you pay them with a credit card before they begin writing as a retainer. Never do this, because chances are that you will be out the money and never see the written work.

  11. They Come Highly Recommended
  12. If you are thinking about hiring someone to write your school paper for you and you are not sure what to go, quietly ask around with your fellow students. Chances are that somebody knows someone who has successfully used one of these services before. Because, instances students buying their papers online has become increasingly more common, word of mouth is actually one of the best ways to find a legitimate custom writing service.

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