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Integrated Primary Care

Integrated primary care includes working with a medical specialist, primary care physician and/or team of individuals to bring the best care necessary for the patient. This is necessary on different levels. A patient that needs special care for a disease or condition may need a team of healthcare professionals to ensure they complete essential tasks. Overall, integrating primary care helps patients manage their health as they learn to adapt new solutions into their daily living. Aside from people being integrated, healthcare clinics and similar facilities work together to coordinate care for individuals in need.

The concept of integrating primary care continues to be explored and is constantly evolving. In the medical field there are different ways to ensure a person gets the care they need. Some people have multiple needs and need ways to get the care they deserve with fewer headaches. For others it may be a way to cut costs or to make certain services easier to access by patients. Elements such as insurance, location and types of medical situations have called the attention to how people obtain the help they need. Certain health sectors such as mental health and behavior health services are prime examples of how integrating such services can make a difference for patients.

Integration of primary care concepts has helped solve problems and bring attention to certain issues within the healthcare field. In mentioning mental health and behavior health as examples, people who are being treated for related conditions have felt their needs were not being addressed. Some healthcare areas have issues that need attention and integrating them with similar areas may help patients get the attention they need. This is how special service models are developed based on a person’s age, location and insurance capabilities.

There are some hurdles integration of primary care is still working to uphold. There are patients still unhappy with the care they are receiving. In some cases there are no federal requirements in place that say how a clinic or medical facility should meet the needs of patients. Integration may have proven it is effective in some forms of primary care, but some wonder if this option is really being fully explored. The aspects of this concept may need to be changed and clarified. Healthcare workers under this model follow special training required within their field, but some health organizations still question overall effectiveness.

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