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Brainstorming Research Paper Ideas On WW2: 7 Helpful Suggestions

The Second World War is arguable one of the most brutal and bloody warfare in human history. It has resulted in the deaths of millions. People must have learnt the lesson in a hard way and hopefully history will not repeat itself.

At the university level, you would be required to write a research paper and it could be on WW2 (provided that your degree if related to it). Now here are a few help suggestions for some of the topics that you might want to research about; these are all major events during the Second World War:

  • Assault on Pearl Harbour
  • This is one of the key events in the Second World War, which prompted the Americans to side with the Allies. You should do some research on why the Japanese decided to bomb Pearl Harbour and its significance to the campaign.

  • D-Day
  • Perhaps one of the most well known operations, D-day is known for its ingenuity of the Allies General. Even though the Allies suffered heavy losses, it secured a pathway to Germany.

  • Dunkirk Evacuation
  • Known as Operation Dynamo, the British had successfully evacuated over 300,000 troops from a seemingly inevitable massacre. This really shifted the power balance once again and it is worth discussing about.

  • Operation Barbarossa (German invasion of Russia)
  • As you are aware, the Germans had invaded Russia and they were unstoppable until they reaches Stalingrad. This was the turning point where the Germans could not beat the Russians there. You should discuss the strategies and importance to the campaign.

  • Midway Island
  • Again, this is a shift of power balance. The Americans have proven that air supremacy is more important than naval supremacy. The Japanese fleet was mostly destroyed here and this secured a victory for the Americans in the Pacific.

  • Battle of Britain
  • The Germans have sent out many fighter planes in an attempt to take Britain out of the fight as quickly as possible. However, they failed due to the valiance of the Royal Air Force (RAF) and it really united the country. There are so many things to discuss here and you just need to pick what you like!

  • Russian Counterattack
  • The Russians were the first to strike Berlin, where they have effectively ended the war in Europe. This is all due to the failed Operation Barbarossa, which prompted the Russians to declare war on Germany. This is worthy of a discussion because without the Russians, the Allies would not have so easily won the war.

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