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5 Basic Tips For Hiring An Essay Writer Online

Once you have made up your mind to hire a professional to take care of your essay assignment for you, you are going to need to find one that delivers high quality work. Shopping around online for a legitimate essay writer can actually be a bit difficult because their are so many fake services out their. If you do not wish to be taken advantage of follow these 5 Basic Tips For Hiring An Online Writer.

  1. Do They Have A Portfolio With Original Content?
  2. The first thing that you must do when considering an essay writer is ask for a portfolio sample and run that sample through copy-scape software. This is the first way to rule out whether or not the writer is a fake. If the writing sample is their own, then it should come up as the original author.

  3. Do They Speak Native English?
  4. Assuming that you are looking to write an English paper then the writer whom you hire should natively speak English. This is important because it assures that your paper will be properly prepared and easy to understand.

  5. Can You Communicate Directly With The Writer?
  6. If you go through a writing service they should allow you to communicate directly with the writer who is handling your paper. Remember, if they are a legitimate service then they should have nothing to hide. This is why you will want to ask right off the bat if you can speak to the writer. If this is not part of their customer service then take your business elsewhere.

  7. Do They Guarantee 100% Original Material?
  8. A legitimate writer should work from scratch and therefore have no problem offering 100% original material. If they do use reference materials the content should be re-spun well enough to pass copy scape. They should never provide you with the same content as they have provided another student.

  9. Are They Visible Online With Positive Reviews?
  10. The writer whom you hire should have a visible online reputation that is supported by positive online reviews that have been written by satisfied customers. Best case scenario these reviews will exist on other websites not just on the writer’s portfolio. The best way to find a legitimate writing service is to ask around and see if you can find someone in your peer group who has hired a writer before. Word of mouth confirmation is one of the best ways to guarantee that the writer who you hire will deliver.

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