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Searching for a Sample of a Research Paper Written in MLA Format

MLA is Modern Language Association:

The MLA format is one of the most popular formats used in writing research papers as well as all kinds of other types of papers. This format specializes in writing papers and citing sources properly. It focuses on the use of the English language and offers writers a way to check all of their sources through correctly putting them through parenthetical citation both throughout the essay and on the works cited page. Writers that use the MLA format the right way quickly builds up their credibility by showing that they can properly cite their sources, this helps eliminate any and all accusations of what you wrote being labeled as plagiarism.

Finding an example of a MLA research paper:

There are a lot of different ways that someone could find a proper example of an MLA research paper. These can include looking at past papers from other students, going to the library and looking through writing books that have guides and examples, looking up examples online like from professional websites such as Purdue and many others.

How to know if it is a real MLA research paper:

Be able to quickly determine if what you are looking at is a real MLA research paper by checking to see if it has the following aspects:

  • The text is double spaced and in times new roman font, size 12
  • Only one space is left after each period and every other punctuation mark
  • All of the margins around the paper is set to one inch
  • Needs to be written and typed up to fit on a standard sheet of white printer paper
  • The first line of each paragraph needs to be indented half of an inch in from the left side, preferably just press the tab key
  • A header needs to include that every page is numbered in the upper right hand corner
  • Italics should only be used throughout the essay as titles of really long paper or when emphasis needs to be stressed about something
  • If you are using endnotes, they need to be on a separate page, before the works cited page, and it needs to be labeled notes, it needs to be unformatted and centered as well
  • A title should only be created if it was specifically asked for
  • The upper left hand corner of the first page has the name of the writer, the name of the teacher, the name of the course, and the date

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