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10 Supreme Business Topics for a Research Paper

Most business classes will require that you do a research paper. A research paper is designed to allow the student to explore a topic in detail, draw a conclusion from their studies, and then present the idea with supporting evidence. It not only shows the instructor that you understand the topic but it allows the student to articulate on a topic that interests them.

There are some supreme business topics for you to consider when deciding on a research paper topic. They will allow you to show your instructor that you understand the concepts and you will be able to find resources to create a thesis on and supporting evidence to prove it.

  1. What are some potential generic strategies for an organization?
  2. What are some factors to consider when analyzing an organization’s remote environment?
  3. What are the main components of a strategic management process?
  4. What role does ethics play in strategic management?
  5. What are some strategies for managing working capital?
  6. What are the core marketing performance metrics?
  7. How does the theory of impairment apply to debt restructuring?
  8. What is the fair value measurement for hedging activities?
  9. What is the accounting treatment of share-based payments?
  10. How does the accounting consolidation theory relate to special purpose entities?

Here are ten great topic ideas for your business research paper. If you are in a specific class like finance, accounting, or marketing, you may want to choose a topic that is relevant to that specific course. That way you know that you are choosing a relevant topic. If you are unsure whether the topic is relevant, try searching for the main words in the glossary. It may be best to choose a topic that you know is relevant because it will be harder to write a paper on a topic that you can’t begin to answer without research. So if you aren’t looking for a challenge, it would be best to just choose a topic that you can answer the question.

I hope that these ideas have sparked a few questions of your own. It is best to use this list as a place to get ideas on what to write instead of a list of specific topics to write about. Feel free to use the ideas but remember that you really don’t want to choose the same topic as another classmate.

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