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What Would Be A Good Thesis Statement For A Research Paper: Expert Advice

A thesis is a monumental work carved out of discipline, research and enough hard work. You endeavor to enlighten readers with your thesis; but for that, you have to make them interested in going through the work. That is where a strong thesis statement comes of help.

  • Different shades
  • A strong thesis statement takes various shades. While on one side; it makes clear as to the road the research work is going to take in the successive pages; it also makes a claim which is debatable. Thus, readers naturally get interested to read your view on the subject and compare it with theirs. It is direct, straight-forward and emphatic.

  • Placement of the statement
  • A thesis statement is generally placed in the introduction; mostly in the first paragraph so that it almost initiates the readers into the work. Needless to say, it has to be written in a clear and systematic manner; with no loose ends.

  • Streamline; be specific
  • You have to outline a specific view of the subject matter; not offer a holistic overview. You have to streamline the research work within the codes of the statement itself. Having done that, you should proofread the statement to see whether there is further scope for improvement (or not).

    Here are four examples of how a strong research paper statement is made –

  • A thesis on gender inequality –
  • “Women have grown out of their shells in the last few decades and deserve right of parity with men.”

    This research statement puts women where they are placed and how they have evolved. It also makes a claim which can naturally open a debate.

  • A thesis on the spread of Cocaine –
  • “The UN should man Colombian farms and the country’s sea and air routes to US and Europe to stem the rot of cocaine.”

    This statement is debatable since there are countries as well that process Cocaine as shown by research. The statement however makes a potent remark about the vitality of Colombia in the field.

  • A thesis on minimalist house design –
  • “Minimalist architecture helps increase internal space and associate material arrangement, even if it does not lay out traditional opulence.”

    There again is a seed of doubt to fight for between proponents of traditional and minimalist design lovers. The statement is however compact and merits attention.

  • A thesis on Communism
  • “China is not a capitalist country but has often raised its economic levels through the policy of expansionism and self-sustenance”

    The research statement opens up debate between Capitalism and Communism. It also places China on a pedestal which cannot be argued upon.

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