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How to Use the Example of a Term Paper Found Online to Your Advantage?

So you were trying to look up your term paper topic online and you see that there are several different individuals who are selling example term papers online. How nice would it be to use one of these examples to help you write you term paper? There are definitely a lot of essays available out there to choose from and they are usually written by great writers.

Buy how do you use the examples to your advantage? This is one of the biggest dilemmas. I have heard of individuals who have submitted the actual essay that they purchased and have had horrible results. Think about how many other students may have purchased that very same term paper. It could be millions. If just one of those students tried to submit it to your same teacher, you are in for a big surprise. So here are some ideas on how you can use the example term paper to your advantage.

  • Use the paper as a reference for your own research. Read the paper over to get your brain flowing on some solid ideas on the topic. Once you have an idea how another person has approached the term paper, you may start thinking about your own ideas.
  • Rearrange and rewrite the paper as is. This method can be a little tricky but if done correctly, this method would work like a charm. Rearrange the thesis and mention the main supporting ideas in a different order. Rewrite each of the paragraphs in the order of your new thesis. You can rearrange sentences as well. For example:

    Suzy likes to play the guitar but her mother wants her to play the saxophone.

    Suzy’s mother would rather Suzy play the saxophone, even though Suzy wants to play the guitar.

    In this example, the main point is still portrayed and the sentences will never show up in a plagiarism checker as the same.

  • Use the term papers references to pull your own information. One of the toughest parts of writing a term paper is rifling through millions of sources to find information. If the sources are already at your disposal, it can cut down on research time dramatically. You can use that information and the main points to get your outline and research done.

Don’t make the mistake of submitting in an example term paper in as your own original work. However, if you are struggling with writing your own work, use these tips to make the example essay work to your advantage.

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