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What Are the Most Effective Research Paper Writing Strategies?

Developing a plan or strategy is an effective way of writing any type of assignment. But it seems that it’s even more important when it comes to writing a research paper. Here are five of the most effective writing strategies for research papers:

Analyze the Assignment:

Read the assignment prompt as if you were writing an analysis of it. Look for keywords and look for any hints towards the thought process your instructor wants you to use. Getting a grasp of the assignment before starting will make your initial brainstorming a lot easier.

Consider the Situation:

A great strategy that research paper writers use is to look beyond the assignment and consider the larger picture. Ask yourself “What purpose will my research paper serve?” Your research is often expected to break some new ground, but most instructors understand that sometimes the scope of research is contingent on students’ access to resources. Look at what it is you are expected to achieve and plan around that.

Ask Questions:

It’s amazing how this simple strategy is often ignored. If any part of your research assignment is unclear don’t hesitate to ask your professor. Ask questions that will help you understand what kind of thinking and what kind of research paper you are expected to write.

Look at Samples:

Different instructors will prefer different types of research papers. A great strategy of writing a research paper in any course or discipline is to look at a few samples. Ask to see a model of what is expected. Instructors often keep their favorite work from former students. Getting a glimpse at these will help you respond to the assignment more effectively.

Make the Assignment Your Own:

If you aren’t sure what you’re expected to do with your assignment, try turning the question around so that you take the lead and come up with a plan of what you want to do. Looking at it this way you can set your own limits and scope of work. You will still need to adjust so that your assignment’s requirements are met, but you will at least have a fresh approach that should make it easier to start with.

These are just a few great strategies to take when writing a research paper. Consider each before starting your assignment to choose the one you are most comfortable with and the one that will help you take control of the assignment.

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