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The best answer to how to write college research paper fast question

When you start writing a paper, it is incumbent upon you to conduct a great deal of thorough and relevant research. Part of this process might be finding what is relevant and what is not. Thankfully, this process has recently been made easier with the improvement of school and public library websites. Many school library pages are now dividing content based on subject. They are creating subject pages that contain pertinent information to that subject. This is often divided by major as well. This is quite useful when you are first thinking of a topic because it contains news, relevant search engines, academic content, teachers on campus, databases, and more.

When you use electronic resources make sure you differentiate between the actual e-journal and the electronic database that compiles a list of journals.

*Note: Always look for the top 10 databases. Many librarians have selected the top five or top ten databases for generic student use based on how frequently students use them and how useful they are.


Try and use free and public catalogues online that contain items in all of the libraries around the world. There are now resources online that compile all available resources from libraries internationally. Some even have the resources from over ten thousand libraries. This means you can use this free and public catalogue to locate pertinent and relevant research in your field, no matter your paper requirements or topic. The best part is, there is an online version for regular computers and laptops as well as mobile apps for all smart phones. This means you can access research materials on the go right from your phone.


Learn your shortcuts. This is not just for typing a word document or filling in an excel spreadsheet for class. Shortcuts can be used when you are searching for relevant research material. By mastering these shortcuts you can save yourself a lot of valuable time and conduct better research. If you only know the first few letters of a word you know, use a wild-card character such as an asterisk, a question mark, or a pound sign. If you want to limit your results you can use the plus sign or a caps “AND” in the search box. You can expand on the topic with a minus sign or a caps “OR”. Replace any foreign language characters with the corresponding English character. Instead of (ç, ü) you would put (c, u). Remove any apostrophes in names or words, like in O’Flannery.

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