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How to Find Good Topics for Sociology Research Papers

When choosing your sociology research paper topic, there are some specific things you should look for. Your topic should:

  • Be interesting to you
  • Be researchable – in other words, make sure there is sufficient research available
  • Be narrow in focus so you can cover it adequately within the scope of your research paper
  • Be interesting to the reader

Some of the main categories within sociology you could investigate for topic ideas include abortion, sociological theory, social problems, culture, Native American studies, social services, book reviews, and marriage and family relationships. There are many others of course.

Some ideas for great topics for sociology research include:

  1. Critical comparison of sociology and anthropology
  2. Social issues behind private ownership of firearms
  3. The social function of gang families
  4. Single parenting in a conservative society
  5. The implications of the internet on a society
  6. The consequences of adoption on families and adopted children
  7. The link between terrorism and ethnocentrism
  8. Patterns and theory of divorce in modern cultures
  9. The purposes of prisons – retribution or rehabilitation?
  10. The social issues and consequences of drugs in the western culture

Whatever topic you choose, it must grab your reader’s attention right from the start. This isn’t an easy task, so choose your topic carefully and plan how you will use words to incite interest in your reader.

Finding good topics goes far beyond simply choosing one from a list like the list given above. You may not want a topic other students have previously chosen. You may wish to make yours very unique. You can do this using a number of methods. First of all, you can take a topic and put your own twist on it. For example, choose #8 above and make it different by using a different culture in a different time. A unique topic would be one like this: Patterns and theory of divorce in Italy in the 1980s.

If you don’t want to look at research paper topic lists, go to the library and start looking at published articles in the sociology field you’re interested in. For example, go look up articles on Native American studies. As you browse through scholarly journals and other publications, you will see many topic ideas. You don’t have to take one exactly as you see it, you can use the same strategy described previously to make the topic unique.

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